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694 Brunswick St

New Farm  QLD 4005

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Nestled among the bustling boulevards of Brisbane is a new-age Indian Restaurant that promises to delight all your senses with scrumptious meals and a range of spirited beverages to complete your desi experience . We are five youngsters from ‘God’s Own Country’ —Kerala.


Kerala's long coastline, numerous rivers and backwater networks, and strong fishing industry have contributed to many sea and river food based dishes. Rice and cassava form the staple food of Kerala. The main dish for lunch and dinner is boiled rice. For over 2000 years, Kerala has been visited by ocean-goers, including traders from Greece, Rome, the eastern Mediterranean, Arab countries, and Europe. Thus, Kerala cuisine is a blend of indigenous dishes and foreign dishes adapted to Kerala tastes. In addition to historical diversity, the cultural influences, particularly the large percentages of Muslims and Syrian Christians have also contributed unique dishes and styles to Kerala cuisine, especially non-vegetarian dishes.


Kerala's culinary history inspired us to combine traditional cuisine with contemporary style. The menu presents a wide repertoire of cusine from countries that historically traded with Kerala. The menu is a gastronomical journey through Kerala, India. Each dish has been carefully handpicked for its cultural heritage, authenticity and resonance with the tastes of Kerala and is presented in a multisensory delight of exciting flavours, textures and aromas.

 We would be thrilled to see your posts, feedback's, mentions and shares. Do leave us pointers on how we could better your experience, also tell us anything that you particularly love,your encouragement is our fuel! Whether you’re completely new to this cuisine or a fellow Indian craving a taste of home, drop in today to enjoy an ‘Ambrosia’ aka the food of the gods